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furniture painting

furniture painting


   about us

Several years ago I tried my hand at painting second hand furniture, I painted old cast-off pine furniture pieces and some pieces I bought from a local auction.

After some research and making a few mistakes along the way, I finally got the hang of it and started creating some beautifully painted pieces of furniture.

As I became busier, I did not have the time to paint my furniture anymore and quickly became aware my customers liked painting the furniture for themselves, so I can now pass on some furniture painting tips and ideas.



   let`s get started

It really is important to properly prepare your furniture before painting, pine is a soft wood so it is very easy to sand paint wax or oil, take a look at the YouTube clip below it will give you lots of ideas, always start by cleaning your furniture to remove any dirt, dust or grease. 

It is a misconception that you have to sand the furniture before painting, but sometimes if it was previously painted or you are going for a smooth finish it is a good idea to lightly sand the entire piece to smooth out any flaws, on the other hand, if you are wanting a more distressed finish or painting a piece that’s in good condition then probably no need for sanding.


paints and accessories 

Personally I prefer to use Annie Sloan paints and accessories, here is a link to the accessories section on her website, you should be able to find a stockist nearby https://www.anniesloan.com/products/brushes-and-tools/  I have always found she has a large range of vibrant colours and a good choice of accessories.

Brewers is another, they have a wide range of furniture paints and brands, they usually have a branch nearby too.

You will need a good brush, a cheap one will leave streaks and you want a nice smooth finish, you can also buy a brush for waxing or just use an old rag or cloth it works just as well, make sure you wear gloves, if the wax gets into cuts on your hands it will hurt.


  My top five furniture painting tips

1.  If you are new to painting furniture, use a small piece of furniture to start with to get some practice.

2.  No need to paint the inside or the back of your furniture and only paint the face of the drawers, if you paint the sides, not only will it hide the dovetail joints and not show off the quality of your piece but the drawers may stick with the build up of paint.

3.  Before choosing a colour for your furniture, browse the internet for the item you are painting, you will find that different colours will suit different items and don`t panic if you do not like the colour when it is finished, it is simple, just paint it another colour.

4.  Make sure your paint is fully dry before applying another coat.

5.  Watch some YouTube clips, not only will you get some good tips, but also give you confidence with your first attempt.            


If you have any questions or comments about painting your pine furniture, please use the form below and we will do our best to answer any queries you may have.

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