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Taking care of your pine furniture

Taking care of your pine furniture

Cleaning Your Furniture

Pre-loved pine furniture can be an enjoyable and affordable method to improve your living area. Cleaning and maintenance are crucial to preserve the attractiveness and efficiency of your pine furniture, whether it be vintage gems or well-loved pieces. Whether you have purchased an old pine dining table or pine sideboard, these professional cleaning and restoration techniques will help you clean your pre-loved pine furniture.

Much depends on how old, used and dirty your piece of pine furniture is so below are couple of cleaning and treating examples.

If your item of pine furniture was originally waxed & needs a good clean, then follow the simple video below, you do not need to buy any expensive product to get the finish you are looking for, just simple hot water and washing up detergent will pretty much do it.

If you are wanting to keep the natural look of the piece, then not a lot of work is required, a bit of old and new works well together.

The simply named Wood cleaner from Furniture Clinic or Amazon is good and not very expensive, also sugar soap, any non-toxic cleaner would work.

Brewers have a large range of wood paint products so that would be a great place to visit for additional products. 




How To Treat & Protect

It all depends on the look you want; I prefer a natural aged look with older pieces of furniture, the example below will clean restore & protect your pine furniture all in one go.

Grab yourself some marigolds, a tin of natural Briwax & some wire wool.

Briwax is brilliant and comes in lots of different shades, it is not very expensive, it can be purchased from Dunelm https://www.dunelm.com/ and the reviews are amazing so this is very much recommended, Annie Sloan https://www.anniesloan.com/products/chalk-paint/  is another very good wax and it can be found at Brewers, here is a link to the website https://www.brewers.co.uk/

Once the surface has been cleaned and is dry, with the marigolds on dip the wire wool into the wax and work it in, going with the grain, when you think you have applied enough, take a dry cloth and start to polish up the surface, it will grip at first and then will become smooth and will then start to polish up.

This technique not only makes the furniture look great, but it treats cleans and protects the wood too.

Adding pre-loved farmhouse pine furniture to your house gives your rooms a touch of history and charm. They can be appreciated for many years to come with the right maintenance and care. Taking care of your pre-loved pine furniture will allow you to show it off with pride, ensuring that it has been cleaned and cared for. 

I hope this information will help you to look after, clean and restore your lovely pine furniture. 

If you require any further information drop me an email & I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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